I acknowledge that I (and my travelling party) am participating on this tour and/or accommodation experience with Zamslade Pty Ltd and Experience Kangaroo Island Ltd trading as Sea Dragon Kangaroo Island (SDKI) voluntarily and at my/our own risk. 

I/We am/are aware that risks exist and may arise including, but not limited to, the hazards of swimming (including on the unpatrolled Pink Bay beach); interaction with wildlife and travelling by vehicle and foot in remote, isolated and uneven terrain away from medical facilities, adequate mobile phone reception and subject to the forces by which death, injury or illness to me/us or damage to my/our property may occur. 

I/we accept and assume all the risks of participating in the tour and accommodation experience. 

Further, I/we (and my/our heirs assigns, executors and/or administrators) fully and finally release Zamslade Pty Ltd and Experience Kangaroo Island Pty Ltd, its servants, directors, employees, agents and contractors from any responsibility of liability for any damage to any of my/our property, or an injury or death to me/us arising in any manner, provided there is no negligence by the company or entity. 

I/we understand this is a condition of my participation in the tour and accommodation experience. I/we acknowledge that it would be unreasonable for Zamslade Pty Ltd and Experience Kangaroo Island Pty Ltd to be responsible for injury or death resulting from m/oury participation in the experience if the company is not negligent. 

I/we acknowledge that Zamslade Pty Ltd and Experience Kangaroo Island Pty Ltd reserve the right to remove any passenger from this experience that is endangering their, the guides or anyone else’s health and safety, or are acting in an unruly or disruptive manner.

I/we acknowledge that I/we have accepted the risks stated above and given the release stated of my/our own free will and have nor relied upon any verbal, written or visual representation or statements made by Zamslade Pty Ltd and Experience Kangaroo Island Pty Ltd and/or its servants, directors, employees, agents or contractors. 

I/we understand and acknowledge that if I/we have any special dietary needs, allergies, or pre-existing medical conditions that I/we have declared these to SDKI and release them of all liability for any allergic reactions I/we may have, and have the necessary medication with me/us. 

Because of the methods in which foods are prepared and cooked in a range of different environments and locations, Zamslade Pty Ltd and associated entities cannot 100% guarantee that traces of the food you are allergic to are not present in the food you are served. 

As you are joining a group tour or activity, meals are often prepared collectively for the group, which increases the risk of relevant allergens being transferred to your meals.

If you’re allergy Is severe or life threatening we suggest bringing your own meals. It is your responsibility to check the ingredients within the food/beverages you are provided at any time throughout the trip and make your own decision as to whether to consume it.

Exclusion of Liability

I/we acknowledge that I/we understand the meaning of this liability release waiver and represent and warrant that I am over the age of 18 years, am medically fit to perform this tour and/or accommodation package and have adequate experience to safely engage in the activities I/we are doing. Should children under the age of 18 be travelling in my party, I/we acknowledge the above on their behalf and understand they must be under my/our supervision at all times.