Australian Sea Lions & Shark Nets

Australian Sea Lion

From Pink Bay, we look across to The Pages, home to the second-largest colony of Australian Sea Lions in the world. Meanwhile down at Seal Bay around 150,000 people, a year get to see the world’s rarest seal at close quarters. It’s the biggest natural attraction in the state.

Alas, however, this Sea-lion species is in decline with significant numbers of animals inadvertently caught in gill nets by shark fishing boats.

Sardi scientists put it this way: “The report estimates that between 187-347 sea lion bycatch mortalities occur within SA and adjacent Commonwealth waters each year. “For female sea lions, mortality from fishery bycatch represents about a 35% increase from natural mortality levels,” says A/Prof Goldsworthy.

The report identifies such bycatch mortality levels are unsustainable and, if modifications are not made to current fishing practices, further declines in sea lion abundance, colony extinctions and reductions in the range are likely.” More info here and last week’s Stateline also had their take on the story.

Something to think about when you order flake (shark) from your fish and chip shop.
And on a brighter note if you want to see what a Sea-lion gets up to underwater have a look here. You can also visit Sea Bay to see a large colony of Australian sea lions.

Pennington Bay Kangaroo Island

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Pennington Bay Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island has many spectacular beaches but none is more cherished by locals and visitors alike than Pennington Bay. Just a two-minute detour off the main road from Penneshaw to Kingscote, the bay is easily the most accessible vantage point for views of the south coast.

The ‘reveal’ is always compelling as you crest the rise and glimpse the sweep of ocean framed by big limestone cliffs. Part of the bay’s mystique is that this wild vista sits at the narrowest part of the island. Just to the north lies the relatively placid waters of Pelican Lagoon and the sleepy township of American River. Pennington Bay, by contrast, is a window on the vast, untamed realm of the Southern Ocean and the dramatic shoreline it has wrought along the underside of the island.

With this aspect and its craggy geology, the bay itself offers a diverse mix of experiences. The main beach to the west is a long arc of dunes and surf. When conditions are right it’s a favoured haunt for surfing and salmon fishing. And whatever the weather, this stretch is a popular for a long stroll to beachcomb and savour the atmosphere.

To the east, Pennington’s limestone bluffs form a series of sheltered coves with sandy beaches and broad wave-cut platforms. At low-water in calm weather these tidal aprons are wondrous worlds to explore with their rock pools and seagrass meadows – especially on the hot north-wind days when there’s shade from the cliffs and cool water to paddle in.

For islanders, Pennington Bay has become a place of family and memory, a site where many generations have learnt to fish, swim and surf; not to mention a venue for weddings, birthdays and reunions. Little wonder then that the bay is a rich source of art and legend, a site where the past is ever-present in the nature that unfolds here.

Top 10 Things to do on Kangaroo Island

Rockpool at stokes bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

If you’re planning a holiday to Kangaroo Island or just wondering what you can do here, I’ve collated a list of the 10 best things to do on Kangaroo Island that I always share with my guests staying at our luxury boutique retreat

The beauty of Kangaroo Island is there is something for everyone, from nature lovers to the foodies, we’ve curated some of the best Aussie experiences there are. Vibrant landscapes, world-class produce and outdoor adventures are on your doorstep – you’ll need longer than you think!